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Rackin' R's X-Ray Vision

"Duchess" is our 8 year old RHBAA mare - she has the entire package! Looks, personality and gait! She has very unusual markings, tons of hair, and is absolutely stunning. She is bred to the infamous "Rowdy Rawhide" for another April 2016 foal. Her 2015 filly is gorgeous, so we can't wait to see her next baby!

IT'S A GIRL! "Rowdy Rawhide's Night Vision"

We are excited to announce the birth of our new filly out of the best speed racking stallion alive, Rowdy Rawhide! The dam is our speed racking mare "Rackin' R's X-Ray Vision" (Duchess), registered RHBAA. She is short coupled with nice conformation, has a beautiful small head, big doe eyes, her momma's double mane (already!), and a friendly, sweet personality. This is going to be a NICE one, we can't wait to see her grow up!

"Monkey" is now a long yearling and I can't wait to get her under saddle in the fall of 2017! She is from the best of the best, so I expect her to be nothing short of awesome!

Rowdy Rawhide's Double Vision

Look at this flashy fella! "Gunsmoke" as we call him, is the full brother to "Rowdy Rawhide's Night Vision", pictured above. He has more chrome than a Cadillac, just like him momma! He is sweet, friendly, and easy to handle. We work with our babies from the start, to ensure a good foundation of ground manners - he is already halter broke, easy to catch, picks up all 4 feet (even loose in the pasture), stands for grooming, and has been trimmed by the farrier. He has also been on the trails alongside momma. 

We plan on leaving him a stud and over the next few years, assess his temperament, gentleness, gait, conformation as we continue to work with him and put under saddle after he turns 2- it must all be there for him to stay a stud! "Gunsmoke" is single footing already and has a beautiful gait, it comes very natural to him. Rowdy Rawhide is 27 years old, and good studs out of him are going to be hard to find! (studs that can be PROVEN they are out of Rowdy Rawhide!!!!) "Gunsmoke" is pending registration with RHBAA. 

Rackin' R's Diva on Demand

"Diva" is our 24 year old Paso Fino mare - well, I say "our", but she belongs to our oldest son, Nick. This horse and rider team are one in a million. She lives up to her name "Diva", and has a beautiful performace Paso gait. She is so attentive to "her" Nick, she will do absolutely anything he asks, on the ground and under saddle. 

Nick and Diva playing around at Ivanhoe Campground: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo4reJtN12k

Rackin' R's Roan Ranger

"Charlie" is our 7 year old giant dog, oopps, I mean TWH gelding! Charlie was bred and raised by good friends of ours and we bought him as a 3 year old, 6 months after I put him under saddle. I started him lightly at 2.5 for 30 days, sent him home, and he was lightly ridden by teenagers until I bought him at 3 (their kids were starting high school and college and didn't have time for a young horse) He is the picture of what a TWH should be! He is a gorgeous strawberry roan, and has the funniest personality. He is always looking for attention and if he doesn't get it, he will lick and breathe in your ear until he does! His running walk is incredible, and he can step up into a super smooth flashy rack! He has plenty of go (my kind of riding!), but gentle enough for the kids to enjoy! Pictured to the left with Dylan riding at Massie's Mill, an annual camping trip with 150+ horses. "Charlie" is out of 2 registered Tennessee Walking Horses, but was not registered since he was gelded. I had him registered racking, RHBAA.   

I'm Just Whistlin' Dixie

This is my heart! Dixie is a 19 year old SHOBA mare. She has been with us a long time and we have put hundreds of hours on her! She can speed rack with the best, or just walk along with the kids and the most beginner riders. Although, my kids love to let her fly! She is absolutely worth her weight in gold, I cannot say enough good things about my girl! She is the dam to "Whiskey" below. 

She was diagnosed with EPM in the winter of 2013, and after several treatments, she has residual effects of this horrible disease. She is now semi retired, and still gives lessons, but cannot go on long rides or camping trips. She has a life time home here, and we love her regardless!

EPM is a disease spread by possums - for more information, www.epmhorse.org is a great source of information. EVERY horse is susceptible to this!