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Purchasing a Horse

Thank you for purchasing a horse from us! We hope that you enjoy him/her for years to come!

When bringing home a new horse, below are some things to remember:

Horses are animals! Allow him plenty of time to get to know you and his herd mates. Some horses settle in right away, some may take a day, a week, a month. If your horse has been on a long trailer ride, give him/her a few days to settle in.

Remember, everything is new to him! New people, animals, smells, noises, etc. 

Introduce him to his new area. He should be familiar with the fence line, shelter, and where the water is.

Slowly introduce him to any other horses or pasture animals. I prefer to put them in a separate pasture for a few days, then acclimate him to his pasture mates.

We feed Triple Crown Complete feed. If you choose to feed something different, introduce it slowly. Start with a 1/2 scoop or less, and gradually increase if needed. 

Make sure your horse is drinking! If the horse has been on the road for a long trip home, I encourage giving him electrolytes to ensure he is drinking. 

Spend time grooming or even hand walking to allow the horse to get to know you. 

Tack fit is very important. Take the time to ensure that your tack fits properly. 

Cathy and Jim bought Chester from us in March 2014. Jim posted this comment on FaceBook in April 2015: "I have over 100,000 miles under my belt on motorcycles, while its a been blast, it can't hold a candle to being on the back of my horse!!!!" I love it! Thank you Cathy and Jim!

This beautiful boy, "Thunder" sold in the fall of 2013. In December 2014, I received this email:  "We hope you are all well and we wish you a fantastic holiday season.  Thunder is doing  great , a very nice horse, perfect for trail riding and a real PET!" --Bill & Chris

"Amos" a beautiful buckskin gelding, sold in the fall of 2014. Note from the buyer with this picture: "Amos setting into his new home! "I wanted to fall in love, and I have. Thank you Stephanie!" -- Crystal

"Magic" a beautiful spotted gelding sold in late summer 2014. I received an email 1/17/15 with this picture:  "Just wanted you to know that we are pleased and Magic is doing well. He's one of the family!" --Joe and family

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